About us

My World Entertainment transforms your vision into an exceptional experience. We ensure our clients focus on one thing, enjoying themselves; by hand crafting personalized travel experiences and delivering a level of service that is unparalleled.

We accommodate multiple types of travel excursions, ranging from Caribbean Carnival packages to Bachelor / Bachelorette trips, combining exotic destinations with sophisticated style.

With due diligence and attention to detail our logistical gurus focus on ensuring our client’s trip is everything they could've imagined and more. My World Entertainment is dedicated to putting together unforgettable experiences that will leave you in a state of bliss, wondering how can traveling ever be the same!!!

My World Entertainment provides a viable alternative to the normal social attractions. We trust that you will decide to join us and allow us to give life to your dream.


TMG Premium Hair Extensions

TMG Premium Hair Extensions provides beautiful, high-quality Virgin Remy Human hair extensions and luxurious locs at affordable prices.


Krave the Band

Krave Crop Over band is different by design with you in mind. Krave answers the whisper in you that asks for a more premium carnival experience. From this year to next, Krave will continue to offer you timeless value from the Jam to the Road; Focusing on quality and the best value giving you what you Krave.